Radix Wire & Cable Launches Two High-Temp SuperLinx Wire Products

Radix Wire & Cable announces two new cross-linked wire products to fill a gap in the specialized wire industry. While cross-linked wire isn’t new, Radix is filling a need in the market by offering small runs with custom colors and printing.

The new products are the SuperLinxTM 125 and SuperLinxTM 150, both of which utilize a cross-linked polyethylene system, providing excellent chemical and abrasion resistance for applications including induction motors, generators and the automotive industry.

The SuperLinxTM 125 is rated for temperatures up to 125°C and SuperLinxTM 150 for temperatures up to 150°C. Both provide exceptional high-temperature resistance in the cross-linked wire segment. The wire is available in gauges from 24 AWG to 4/0 AWG.  The SuperLinxTM range is available in runs as short as 1000 feet, and customers can order SuperLinxTM in custom color combinations. Every run is moisture-cured, allowing for fast turnaround times and exceptional customer service.

Radix also offers a smudge resistant printing process for the SuperLinxTM range, using UV curing to create a high-quality result that does not easily smudge, even under harsh conditions.

“This is a great example how Radix sets the standard in the high temperature wire industry,” says Radix CEO Jeremy Tuttle. “We saw an unmet need for shorter runs of extremely high quality, high temperature cross-linked wire and our R&D team developed a solution that will deliver outstanding performance for our customers. We’re excited to continue growing our product offerings.”

About Radix Wire

Founded in 1944, Radix is the leading manufacturer of UL, CSA and factory‐rated electrical wire and cable for high performance, extreme temperature applications. The company’s product portfolio consists of unique wire and cable products with temperature ratings from 150°C to 1,000°C and voltage ratings from 300V to 40kV. Radix products are used by original equipment manufacturers in a variety of consumer, commercial, and industrial applications.