Engineered Solutions

When your wire and cable needs are specialized, Radix provides a complete engineered solution, customized for your specific application. We have extensive expertise in developing and manufacturing high temperature wire and cable & assemblies that improve reliability and lower overall costs in the most demanding of applications. By utilizing cable & assemblies designed specifically for high temperature conditions, you reduce your risk of downtime and unexpected failures.

Our team of seasoned experts collaborates closely with customers to understand their specific needs. Leveraging our expertise and state-of-the-art technology, we engineer custom cables and wires that withstand extreme temperatures, harsh environments, high voltages, and more. Our commitment to innovation ensures that we deliver solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations.

Custom engineered wire and cable examples include:

  • Magnetic Crane Applications Cables often fail due to extreme heat and the continuous abuse of the cables. Radix cables are rated for 200°C – 1000°C and we offer optional stainless-steel braiding, oval-power connectors, conductor lugs, and various custom solutions that will give you the most life for your magnetic crane cable assembly. For a detailed look into our magnetic crane advantage, download our CVA. Download Now
  • Ladle Cars, Steel Cars and Slag Cars – At Radix, we offer multiple solutions for your ladle, steel, and slag car applications. Custom configurations of our SKS Soaking Pit, TLC 200, and our new Titan Cables provide superior longevity in applications exposed to molten splash and mechanical abuse. Multiple gauge size and conductor counts are available and these products are rated at 200°C, which provides superior heat protection than 90°C and 105°C products. Unlike the competition, our cables are designed to take the abuse to your decrease downtime and increase your production.
  • Crane Festoon Systems – Radix offers high temperature solutions for Festoon Systems on your overhead cranes. Charge cranes are a common application where there is a lot of heat and flame that often destroys standard 90°C or 105°C rated cables. Radix custom engineered cables can take the heat and flame to far outlast low temperature rated cables. Our capabilities also include sleeving and pairing cables, so they are ready to install when they arrive.
  • Value-Added Services – Our in-house capabilities allow us to provide custom cable connector assemblies for your most demanding applications. With a single part number, Radix will manufacture the right cable that fits your application, cut to the desired length, with your connection terminated on the end. In addition to custom connections, we also provide crimping, soldering, assembly and sleeving services.

Radix Capabilities

Radix Wire & Cable has the engineering and design expertise to develop customized solutions that meet your performance expectations the first time, every time. Untimely cable failures in critical operating areas can cost you valuable time, money, and resources. Radix can identify the root cause of these failures and design a product that will last much longer than the current product being sourced. Trust Radix to transform your needs into custom-engineered solutions that elevate performance and reliability. Contact us to learn more on how Radix can provide a custom solution for your industrial application.