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Contractors, engineers and project managers throughout North America count on Radix Wire & Cable to provide cables that meet or exceed mandatory code requirements for use in residential and commercial structures, including hospitals, high-rise residential buildings, universities and more. Radix Wire’s DuraLife® brand cables are UL 2196 / CAN-ULC S139 two-hour certified and meet the mandatory NFPA 72: National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code pathway survivability circuit requirements.

DuraLife leads the market by offering the industry’s most complete package of two-hour fire rated cables. Download our line card here.

Radix Fire Protection Wire and Cables Specifications Include:

  • UL 2196 Certified to UL 2196 and CAN/ULC-S139 2-hour fire rating in FHIT/FHIT7 System 28C
  • UL 2196 Certified to UL 2196 2-hour fire rating in FHIT System 28D
  • UL 1424 Listed for Power-Limited Fire Alarm Circuits; FPLP - 300V, 75°C classified; FPLR - 300V/105°C classified
  • UL 444 Listed CM-CI and CMR-CI for Communications Cable (FHIT/FHIT7 28C)
  • 18 AWG - 12 AWG 2-Conductor Unshielded
  • 18 AWG - 14 AWG 2-Conductor Shielded
  • 18-12 AWG Unshielded; 18-14 AWG Shielded. 4/C, 6/C, and 8/C Constructions (FHIT 28D)
  • For use in EMT, IMC, or Phenolic conduit or in free-air
  • Lowest available capacitance rating on fire resistive cables
  • When installed as CIC - the best conduit fill and vertical distance in the industry


Radix’s team of technicians, engineers and researchers is committed to being innovators in the arena of high temperature wire and high temperature cable. Collectively we are on the tireless quest to provide the thinnest possible cable and wire while maintaining the highest possible performance.

We can help you find the wire and cable solution best suited for your application – just get in touch.

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