Fire Protection

UL and CAN Rated Fire Protection Cables

Designed for Maximum Survivability

Drop ceiling fire wire

Contractors, engineers and project managers throughout North America count on Radix Wire & Cable to provide cables that meet or exceed mandatory code requirements for use in residential and commercial structures, including hospitals, high-rise residential buildings, universities and more. Radix Wire’s DuraLife® brand cables are UL 2196 / CAN-ULC S139 two-hour certified and meet the mandatory NFPA 72: National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code pathway survivability circuit requirements.

DuraLife leads the market by offering the industry’s most complete package of two-hour fire rated cables. Download our line card here.

Radix Fire Protection Wire and Cables Specifications Include:

  • UL 2196 Certified to UL 2196 and CAN/ULC-S139 2-hour fire rating in FHIT/FHIT7 System 28C
  • UL 2196 Certified to UL 2196 2-hour fire rating in FHIT System 28D
  • UL 1424 Listed for Power-Limited Fire Alarm Circuits; FPLP – 300V, 75°C classified; FPLR – 300V/105°C classified
  • UL 444 Listed CM-CI and CMR-CI for Communications Cable (FHIT/FHIT7 28C)
  • 18 AWG – 12 AWG 2-Conductor Unshielded
  • 18 AWG – 14 AWG 2-Conductor Shielded
  • 18-12 AWG Unshielded; 18-14 AWG Shielded. 4/C, 6/C, and 8/C Constructions (FHIT 28D)
  • For use in EMT, IMC, or Phenolic conduit or in free-air
  • Lowest available capacitance rating on fire resistive cables
  • When installed as CIC – the best conduit fill and vertical distance in the industry