FEP 200

FEP 200



200°C – 300 Volts – UL Style 1332 / CSA 180°C AWM I A/B FT1
200°C – 600 Volts – UL Style 1330 / CSA 180°C AWM I A/B FT1
VW-1 Rated
RoHS Compliant


24 AWG – 10 AWG (300V)
24 AWG – 4/0 AWG (600V)
Stranded Tinned Copper or Nickel-Plated Copper
(Other conductor materials available)

Insulating System

Extruded Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP)

Standard Color Coding

Available in Colors


  • Outstanding chemical and fluid resistance.
  • Heat aging and ozone resistant.
  • Easily stripped and terminated.
  • Mechanical toughness and low coefficient of friction allows “pull” installation of long wire lengths.
  • Smaller outside diameter than equivalent silicone rubber products.


FEP 200


Download FEP 200 Specs

FEP 200C/300V

Part No.Temp RatingVoltage RatingAwg. Size# StrandsFinal O.D. (in)Final O.D. (mm)Wgt. (lbs/ Mft)Wgt. (kg/ km)Min. Bend Radius (in)ULCSA
FFA24P007200C300V24 NPC 2%70.0521.312.964.410.411332AWM I A/B FT1
FFA22P007200C300V22 NPC 2%70.0581.474.066.040.461332AWM I A/B FT1
FFA20P007200C300V20 NPC 2%70.0651.655.377.990.521332AWM I A/B FT1
FFA18T007200C300V1870.0741.887.5211.190.591332AWM I A/B FT1
FFA16T007200C300V1670.0862.1810.9816.340.691332AWM I A/B FT1
FFA14T007200C300V1470.0992.5115.4823.040.791332AWM I A/B FT1
FFA12T019200C300V12190.1162.9524.4736.420.931332AWM I A/B FT1
FFA10T019200C300V10190.1393.5337.3455.571.111332AWM I A/B FT1

FEP 200C/600V

Part No.Temp RatingVoltage RatingAwg. Size# StrandsFinal O.D. (in)Final O.D. (mm)Wgt. (lbs/ Mft)Wgt. (kg/ km)Min. Bend Radius (in)ULCSA
FHA24P007200C600V24 NPC 2%70.0661.674.196.240.521330AWM I A/B FT1
FHA22P007200C600V22 NPC 2%70.0721.835.458.120.581330AWM I A/B FT1
FHA20P007200C600V20 NPC 2%70.0792.006.8810.250.631330AWM I A/B FT1
FHA18T007200C600V1870.0882.239.2213.720.701330AWM I A/B FT1
FHA16T007200C600V1670.1002.5312.9619.290.801330AWM I A/B FT1
FHA14T007200C600V1470.1132.8717.8326.540.901330AWM I A/B FT1
FHA12T019200C600V12190.1303.3027.0640.271.041330AWM I A/B FT1
FHA10T019200C600V10190.1533.8940.4260.151.221330AWM I A/B FT1
FHA08T061200C600V8610.2025.1368.78102.361.621330AWM I A/B FT1
FHA06T084200C600V6840.2736.93105.36156.802.181330AWM I A/B FT1
FHA04T133200C600V41330.3228.18158.83236.382.581330AWM I A/B FT1
FHA02T377200C600V22590.3909.89243.86362.923.121330AWM I A/B FT1
FHA01T377200C600V12590.46111.72323.99482.173.691330AWM I A/B FT1
FHAX1T377200C600V1/02590.50612.86399.81595.014.051330AWM I A/B FT1
FHAX2T377200C600V2/02590.55914.20494.83736.424.471330AWM I A/B FT1
FHAX3T377200C600V3/02590.61915.71612.89912.124.951330AWM I A/B FT1
FHAX4T377200C600V4/02590.68617.43761.291132.985.491330AWM I A/B FT1

Standard conductor: Tinned Copper or Nickel Plated Copper (2%) as designated
Consult factory for alternative conductor and stranding options.

All dimensions listed above are nominal
Compliance: UL Listed File No. E22244. CSA Certfied File No. LL13427 or LL80670