DuraFlex® 550

DuraFlex® 550



  • 550°C – 300 Volts – UL 5390 / CSA AWM I A/B FT1
  • 550°C – 600 Volts – UL 5400 / CSA AWM I A/B FT1
  • VW-1 Flame Rating


  • Conductors
    • 24 AWG – 14 AWG (300 Volts)
    • 22 AWG – 8 AWG (600c Volts)
    • Stranded nickel-coated opper – 27%
      (Other conductor materials available)
  • Insulating System
    • Mica glass composite
  • Outer Covering
    • Fiberglass braid with silicone coating
  • Standard Color Coding
    • White
    • Colored Tracers


  • Outperforms UL 5128/5107 MGT products:
    • Unique insulation system offers outstanding heat-aged flexibility for longer service life.
    • Passes UL 2X mandrel test after heat aging UL 5128/5107 is 3X mandrel).
    • Modified silicone jacket virtually eliminates dermatitisproblems associated with handling fiberglass and braid fray.
    • 550°C temperature rating allows wire to be installed in extreme environments and reduces the cost of added thermal protection (glass sleeve, ceramic insulator, etc).
    • Excellent cutting and stripping characteristics, making it ideal for high volume manufacturing and assembly.
    • Provides dimensional consistency and uniformity.
  • Resists braid pushback.
  • Withstands mechanical abuse.


DuraFlex® 550


Download DuraFlex® 550 Specs

DuraFlex® 550C/300V

Part No.Awg. Size# StrandsOuter Dia. inchesOuter Dia. mmWgt. (lbs/Mft)Wgt (kg/km)Min. Bend Radius (in)ULCSA
DCS24C0072470.0802.0357.220.645390AWM I A/B FT1
DCS22C0072270.0872.2168.860.705390AWM I A/B FT1
DCS20C01020100.0922.34710.370.745390AWM I A/B FT1
DCS18C01618160.1042.641015.300.835390AWM I A/B FT1
DCS16C02616260.1203.051522.490.965390AWM I A/B FT1
DCS14C04114410.1303.302029.691.045390AWM I A/B FT1

DuraFlex® 550C/600V

Part No.Awg. Size# StrandsOuter Dia. inchesOuter Dia. mmWgt. (lbs/Mft)Wgt (kg/km)Min. Bend Radius (in)ULCSA
DDS22C0072270.0982.49812.380.785400AWM I A/B FT1
DDS20C01020100.1082.741014.990.865400AWM I A/B FT1
DDS18C01618160.1243.151319.260.995400AWM I A/B FT1
DDS16C02616260.1383.511725.951.105400AWM I A/B FT1
DDS14C04114410.1584.012436.241.265400AWM I A/B FT1
DDS12C06512650.1824.623552.801.465400AWM I A/B FT1
DDS10C105101050.2125.385277.641.705400AWM I A/B FT1
DDS08C13381330.2666.7678116.012.135400AWM I A/B FT1

Standard conductor: Nickel Coated Copper – 27%
Consult factory for alternative conductor and stranding options.