Sil-A-Blend® 200



200°C600 Volts – UL Style 3512/3604 / CSA AWM I A/B FT2
200°C1000 Volts – UL Style 3644 / CSA AWM I A/B FT2
200°C – 600 Volts/200°C – 1000 Volts – UL Style 3604/3644 / CSA AWM I  A/B FT2
RoHS Compliant


22 AWG – 4/0 AWG
Stranded tinned copper or nickel-plated copper
(Other conductor materials available)

Insulating System
Composite Extruded Silicone Rubber with intermediate fiberglass reinforcement
Separator tape between conductor and silicone on select sizes
(Not shown in illustration)

Standard Color Coding
Available in Colors


  • Outperforms Braided Silicone products
    • Eliminates braid fraying, flowering, and shrink back
    • Virtually eliminates skin irritation
    • Reduces airborne fiberglass contaminants traditionally found in high volume processing
    • Superior flexibility
    • Color stable at elevated temperatures
    • LSZH: Low smoke, zero halogen
    • Suitable for varnish dip and bake applications
  • Silicone formulations suitable for UV, ozone, moisture exposure
  • Not suited for immersed applications
  • Suitable for applications to -60°C

150°C version with flexible stranded conductor is available. (consult factory)

Recommended replacement for glass braided silicone


Sil-A-Blend® 200


Download Sil-A-Blend® 200 Specs

Sil-A-Blend® 200C/600V

Part No.Temp RatingVoltage RatingAwg. Size# StrandsFinal O.D. (in)Final O.D. (mm)Wgt. (lbs/Mft)Wgt. (kg/km)Min. Bend Radius (in)ULCSA
NBA22P007200C600V22 NPC 2%70.0992.516.539.720.793512/3604AWM I A/B FT2
NBA20P007200C600V20 NPC 2%70.1082.748.1912.190.863512/3604AWM I A/B FT2
NBA18T007200C600V1870.1193.0210.7516.000.953512/3604AWM I A/B FT2
NBA16T007200C600V1670.1303.3014.3921.421.043512/3604AWM I A/B FT2
NBA14T007200C600V1470.1423.6119.0728.381.143512/3604AWM I A/B FT2
NBA12T019200C600V12190.1604.0628.5942.551.283512/3604AWM I A/B FT2
NBA10T019200C600V10190.2125.3847.2070.241.703512/3604AWM I A/B FT2
NBA08T061200C600V8610.2546.4573.42109.272.033512/3604AWM I A/B FT2
NBA06T084200C600V6840.3478.81118.21175.922.783512/3604AWM I A/B FT2
NBA04T133200C600V41330.3819.68160.00238.123.053512/3604AWM I A/B FT2
NBA02T259200C600V22590.44611.33239.70356.733.573512/3604AWM I A/B FT2
NBA01T259200C600V12590.52513.34312.07464.434.203512/3604AWM I A/B FT2

Sil-A-Blend® 200C/1000V

Part No.Temp RatingVoltage RatingAwg. Size# StrandsFinal O.D. (in)Final O.D. (mm)Wgt. (lbs/Mft)Wgt. (kg/km)Min. Bend Radius (in)ULCSA
NGA18T007200C1000V1870.1193.0210.7516.000.953644AWM I A/B FT2
NGA16T007200C1000V1670.1303.3014.3921.421.043644AWM I A/B FT2
NGA14T007200C1000V1470.1423.6119.0728.381.143644AWM I A/B FT2
NGA12T019200C1000V12190.1604.0628.5942.551.283644AWM I A/B FT2
NGA10T019200C1000V10190.2125.3847.1970.231.703644AWM I A/B FT2

Sil-A-Blend® 200C/600V and Sil-A-Blend® 200C/1000V (Dual Rated Products)

Part No.Temp RatingVoltage RatingAwg. Size# StrandsFinal O.D. (in)Final O.D. (mm)Wgt. (lbs/Mft)Wgt. (kg/km)Min. Bend Radius (in)ULCSA
NGA08T061200C600V/1000V8610.2546.4573.42109.272.033604/3644AWM I A/B FT2
NGA06T084200C600V/1000V6840.3478.81117.65175.092.783604/3644AWM I A/B FT2
NGA04T133200C600V/1000V41330.3819.68159.44237.283.053604/3644AWM I A/B FT2
NGA02T259200C600V/1000V22590.44611.33239.14355.903.573604/3644AWM I A/B FT2
NGA01T259200C600V/1000V12590.52113.23309.61460.774.173604/3644AWM I A/B FT2
NGAX1T259200C600V/1000V1/02590.57614.63391.34582.414.613604/3644AWM I A/B FT2
NGAX2T259200C600V/1000V2/02590.62215.80480.18714.624.983604/3644AWM I A/B FT2
NGAX3T259200C600V/1000V3/02590.67117.04590.84879.315.373604/3644AWM I A/B FT2
NGAX4T259200C600V/1000V4/02590.73518.67732.881090.705.883604/3644AWM I A/B FT2

Standard conductor: Tinned Copper or Nickel Plated Copper (Standard conductor for 20-22 AWG Only: Nickrel Plated Copper – 2%)
Consult factory for alternative conductor and stranding options.

All dimensions listed above are nominal
Compliance: UL Listed File No. E22244. CSA Certified File No. LL13427 or LL80670