Braided Silicone

Braided Silicone



  • 250°C – 300 Volts – UL Style 3254 / CSA AWM I A/B FT2
  • 250°C – 600 Volts – UL Style 3252 / CSA AWM I A/B FT2
  • RoHS Compliant


  • Conductors
    • 24 AWG – 12 AWG (300 Volts)
    • 22 AWG – 10 AWG (600 Volts)
    • Stranded nickel-plated copper
      (Other conductor materials available)
  • Insulating System
    • Extruded Silicone Rubber with Fiberglass Braid
  • Outer Covering
    • Braided fiberglass with a high temperature finish
  • Standard Color Coding
    • Available in Colors or Striped Combinations


  • Silicone formulations suitable for UV, ozone, moisture exposure
  • Not suited for immersed applications
  • Suitable for applications to -60°C
  • Silicone Rubber in extreme environments, exceeding 250°C, leaves a non-conductive ash and retains excellent insulation properties
  • Flexible


Braided Silicone


Download Braided Silicone Specs

Braided Silicone 250C/300V

Part No.Awg. Size# StrandsOuter Dia. inchesOuter Dia. mmWgt. (lbs/Mft)Wgt (kg/km)Min. Bend Radius (in)ULCSA
EGM22P0072270.1062.6978.930.853254AWM I A/B FT2
EGM20P0072070.1122.84810.050.903254AWM I A/B FT2
EGM18P01918190.1183.00913.390.943254AWM I A/B FT2
EGM16P02616260.1343.401318.961.073254AWM I A/B FT2
EGM14P04114410.1493.781827.031.193254AWM I A/B FT2
EGM12P06512650.1684.273044.851.343254AWM I A/B FT2

Braided Silicone 250C/600V

Part No.Awg. Size# StrandsOuter Dia. inchesOuter Dia. mmWgt. (lbs/Mft)Wgt (kg/km)Min. Bend Radius (in)ULCSA
EIM22P0072270.1062.69710.450.853252AWM I A/B FT2
EIM20P0072070.1132.87812.550.903252AWM I A/B FT2
EIM18P01918190.1162.951015.340.933252AWM I A/B FT2
EIM16P02616260.1273.231421.151.023252AWM I A/B FT2
EIM14P04114410.1423.612029.541.143252AWM I A/B FT2
EIM12P06512650.1664.222943.711.333252AWM I A/B FT2
EIM10P105101050.1914.854364.571.533252AWM I A/B FT2

Standard conductor: Nickel Plated Copper – 2%
Consult factory for alternative conductor and stranding options.