TGGT 250

TGGT 250


  • 250°C – 300 Volts – UL Style 5257 / CSA AWM I A/B FT1
  • 250°C – 600 Volts – UL Style 5251/5256 / CSA AWM I A/B FT1


  • Conductors
    • 24 AWG – 10 AWG (300V)
    • 24 AWG – 4/0 AWG (600V)
    • Stranded nickel-plated copper – 2%
      (Other conductor materials available)
  • Insulating System
    • PTFE Tape with glass serve
  • Outer Covering
    • Braided fiberglass with a high temperature finish
  • Standard Color Coding
    • Natural and Solid Colors
    • Colored Tracers


  • Excellent cut and strip characteristics making it ideal for high volume
    manufacturing and assembly
  • Tough treated outer glass braid and fiberglass servings permit the product
    to withstand repeated flexing and severe mechanical abuse
  • Moisture resistant
  • Resists pushback and braid fray
  • Flexible


TGGT 250

Download TGGT 250 Specs

TGGT 250C/300V

Part No.Awg. Size# StrandsOuter Dia. inchesOuter Dia. mmWgt. (lbs/Mft)Wgt (kg/km)Min. Bend Radius (in)ULCSA
DAT24P0072470.0641.6345.740.515257AWM I A/B FT1
DAT22P0072270.0681.7357.260.545257AWM I A/B FT1
DAT20P0072070.0721.8369.210.585257AWM I A/B FT1
DAT18P01918190.0792.01812.130.635257AWM I A/B FT1
DAT16P02616260.0992.511319.810.795257AWM I A/B FT1
DAT14P04114410.1142.901927.980.915257AWM I A/B FT1
DAT12P06512650.1323.352841.311.065257AWM I A/B FT1
DAT10P105101050.1573.994261.941.265257AWM I A/B FT1

TGGT 250C/600V

Part No.Awg. Size# StrandsOuter Dia. inchesOuter Dia. mmWgt. (lbs/Mft)Wgt (kg/km)Min. Bend Radius (in)ULCSA
DBT24P0072470.0681.7346.430.545256AWM I A/B FT1
DBT22P0072270.0741.8868.200.595256AWM I A/B FT1
DBT20P0072070.0852.16710.950.685256AWM I A/B FT1
DBT18P01918190.0902.29914.060.725256AWM I A/B FT1
DBT16P02616260.1072.721421.300.865256AWM I A/B FT1
DBT14P04114410.1203.052029.650.965256AWM I A/B FT1
DBT12P06512650.1393.532943.231.115256AWM I A/B FT1
DBT10P105101050.1644.174364.371.315256AWM I A/B FT1
DBT08P13381330.2115.366698.091.695256AWM I A/B FT1
DBT06P13361330.2576.5399147.192.065256AWM I A/B FT1
DBT04P13341330.3358.51164244.072.685256AWM I A/B FT1
DBT02P13321330.40110.19248369.083.215256AWM I A/B FT1
AITX1P2591/02590.53113.49404601.254.255251AWM I A/B FT1
AITX2P2592/02590.58214.78499742.634.665251AWM I A/B FT1
AITX3P2593/02590.63916.23617918.245.115251AWM I A/B FT1
AITX4P2594/02590.70217.837621134.045.625251AWM I A/B FT1

Standard conductor: Nickel Plated Copper – 2%
Consult factory for alternative conductor and stranding options.