SuperLinx™ 150



  • 150°C – 600 Volts – UL Style 3321 / CSA AWM I A/B FT1
  • 150°C – 600 Volts – UL Style 3289 / CSA AWM I A/B FT1
  • RoHS Compliant


  • Conductors
    • 24 AWG – 4/0 AWG (600 Volt) – UL 3321
    • 24 AWG – 500 MCM AWG (600 Volt) – UL 3289
    • Stranded tinned copper
      (Other conductor materials available)
  • Insulating System
    • Cross-linked Polyolefin
  • Standard Color Coding
    • Available in Colors


  • Abrasion resistance
  • Cut through Resistance
  • Crush and Impact Resistant
  • Excellent Tensile Strength
  • Resistant to heat deformation
  • Water and Moisture Resistant
  • Oil and Fluid Resistance
  • Resistant to Many Solvents and Hazardous Chemicals
  • Ozone Resistance


SuperLinx™ 150


Download SuperLinx™ 150 Specs

SuperLinx™ 150C/600V UL 3321

Part No.Temp RatingVoltage RatingAwg. Size# StrandsFinal O.D. (in)Final O.D. (mm)Wgt. (lbs/Mft)Wgt (kg/km)Min. Bend Radius (in)ULCSA
XFA24P007150C600V2470.0862. I A/B FT-1
XFA22T007150C600V2270.0912.315.027.470.733321AWM I A/B FT-1
XFA20P007150C600V2070.0992.516.669.910.793321AWM I A/B FT-1
XFA18T016150C600V18160.1072.728.8813.210.863321AWM I A/B FT-1
XFA16T026150C600V16260.1172.9712.3418.370.943321AWM I A/B FT-1
XFA14T041150C600V14410.1323.3517.7226.371.063321AWM I A/B FT-1
XFA12T065150C600V12650.1493.7826.1538.921.193321AWM I A/B FT-1
XFA10T105150C600V101050.1724.3739.4158.641.383321AWM I A/B FT-1
XFA08T133150C600V81330.2516.3867.45100.392.013321AWM I A/B FT-1
XFA06T133150C600V61330.2977.54101.59151.192.383321AWM I A/B FT-1
XFA04T133150C600V41330.3378.56142.18211.602.703321AWM I A/B FT-1
XFA02T259150C600V22590.44911.40248.98370.543.593321AWM I A/B FT-1
XFA01T259150C600V12590.50712.88296.36441.054.063321AWM I A/B FT-1
XFAX1T259150C600V1/02590.56214.27376.59560.464.503321AWM I A/B FT-1
XFAX2T259150C600V2/02590.60815.44464.18690.824.863321AWM I A/B FT-1
XFAX3T259150C600V3/02590.65716.69573.51853.525.263321AWM I A/B FT-1
XFAX4T259150C600V4/02590.71718.21711.121058.535.743321AWM I A/B FT-1

SuperLinx™ 150C/600V UL 3289

Part No.Temp RatingVoltage RatingAwg. Size# StrandsFinal O.D. (in)Final O.D. (mm)Wgt. (lbs/Mft)Wgt (kg/km)Min. Bend Radius (in)ULCSA
XGA24P007150C600V2470.0862. I A/B FT-1
XGA22T007150C600V2270.0912.315.027.470.733289AWM I A/B FT-1
XGA20P007150C600V2070.0992.516.679.930.793289AWM I A/B FT-1
XGA18T016150C600V18160.1072.728.8813.210.863289AWM I A/B FT-1
XGA16T026150C600V16260.1172.9712.3418.370.943289AWM I A/B FT-1
XGA14T041150C600V14410.1323.3517.7226.371.063289AWM I A/B FT-1
XGA12T065150C600V12650.1493.7826.1538.921.193289AWM I A/B FT-1
XGA10T105150C600V101050.1724.3739.4158.641.383289AWM I A/B FT-1
XGA08T133150C600V81330.2516.3867.64100.662.013289AWM I A/B FT-1
XGA06T133150C600V61330.3278.31109.23162.562.623289AWM I A/B FT-1
XGA04T133150C600V41330.3679.32150.80224.432.943289AWM I A/B FT-1
XGA02T259150C600V22590.44911.40248.98370.543.593289AWM I A/B FT-1
XGA01T259150C600V12590.50712.88296.36441.054.063289AWM I A/B FT-1
XGAX1T259150C600V1/02590.56214.27376.59560.464.503289AWM I A/B FT-1
XGAX2T259150C600V2/02590.60815.44464.18690.824.863289AWM I A/B FT-1
XGAX3T259150C600V3/02590.65716.69573.51853.525.263289AWM I A/B FT-1
XGAX4T259150C600V4/02590.71718.21711.271058.535.743289AWM I A/B FT-1
XGA35T427150C600V3504270.92223.421167.601737.667.383289AWM I A/B FT-1
XGA50T427150C600V5004271.05226.721601.702383.718.423289AWM I A/B FT-1

Standard conductor: Tinned Copper.
Consult factory for alternative conductor and stranding options.