Electrical Circuit Integrity Systems Applications

Where are 2-hour fire-rated electrical circuit integrity systems typically located?

“These systems are primarily installed in mixed occupancy high-rise buildings, and in tunnels, bridges, and other commercial infrastructures. In many circumstances, the referenced systems exist in conjunction with other fire mitigation system options, which are not in question. Within a building or structure, the locations of these fire-resistive circuit cable systems are typically found as a part of the following life safety installations:

  • Fire pump – Feeder / Controls
  • Smoke control equipment
  • Command center critical systems
  • Pressurized stairway systems
  • Smoke management systems
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Electrical Equipment Rooms – Feeders / Service
  • Elevators
  • Emergency Generators and Standby Power Systems” –UL Code Authorities / Fire Code

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