Case Study: Radix Provides Solution for Consumer Products Glass Manufacturer

A leading consumer products glass manufacturer contacted Radix regarding their use of high temperature cable for their manufacturing applications.

During a tour of the customer’s manufacturing facility, our Radix engineer learned that one of the rotating components exposed to high temperature was undergoing maintenance. In fact, this maintenance was quite regular because the cable that ran through the component needed to be replaced every three to four weeks.

The Radix engineer asked what temperature the cable typically experienced inside the manufacturing process and what cable the company was using. We learned they were using a 200° C cable for a 400° C environment.

Our engineer brought them a Radix 450° C Tempergard 2000 cable in the footage they needed.

When put in place, the Radix cable doubled the life of the cable, pushing operational maintenance from four-week intervals to eight-week intervals. After experiencing the results, the customer replaced the cable throughout all their high temperature manufacturing processes and equipment.

Having the right high-temperature cable in place was a game changer for our customer and their maintenance department. Prior to our visit, they didn’t know a higher temperature cable was an option. Making the switch saved them a significant amount of downtime and greatly improved efficiency.

At Radix, we do more than sell products; we provide solutions. We take the time to learn about each customer and their unique challenges, and then our knowledgeable team of problem solvers works to educate customers on the possibilities to improve their operations.