Wheatland FasTrak ® Plus Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT)

Last week we began a three-part series covering some of the most commonly asked questions we encounter in the field regarding our electrical circuit integrity systems. DuraLife-W (wet-rated) and DuraLife FPL (dry-rated) (dry-rated) 2-hour fire-resistive cables are UL 2196 certified and they meet the pathway survivability circuit requirements found in the NFPA 72. However, as indicated in last week’s Live Wire blog post, it’s important to note that DuraLife cables must be installed utilizing only certified hardware materials as per the UL-published FHIT.28A & FHIT.28B.

Today, we’ll focus on metallic raceways. In the final article in this series we’ll discuss copper off-set fixed lug connectors, mechanical connectors, and butt-type crimp terminals – all used for splicing.


According to the UL-published FHIT.28A & FHIT.28B, Radix Wire’s DuraLife-W (wet-rated) and DuraLife FPL (dry-rated) cables must be installed utilizing only certified hardware materials. For mechanical protection, DuraLife cables are tested with Wheatland Tube FasTrak Plus Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT).


Will other brands of EMT conduit suffice, and what about galvanized rigid (RMC) or intermediate metallic conduits (IMC)?


While other brands of EMT may be reputable and have worked for other projects, the UL is very specific and requires that only certified hardware components are utilized during installation of DuraLife cables. This ensures code compliance and will help avoid unnecessary headaches when the authority having jurisdiction inspects your job site. We can provide much greater detail about these and other guidelines, and educate your team on proper installation procedures.

Please note that DuraLife cables are NOT approved for use in RMC or IMC conduit systems.

For more information and to ask all of your installation questions, please feel free to contact me directly at 216-400-6719 or via email at emike@radix-wire.com. Stay tuned for the final part in this series where we’ll cover certified connectors used during splicing. Thank you!

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