Spec Positioning

As a fire-alarm systems integrator or electrical contractor, even with years of experience in the field, understanding newly-certified 2-hour fire-rated electrical circuit integrity systems can be challenging. Frankly, Radix Wire understands. We are relentless in our efforts to simplify the installation process; we provide user-friendly data sheets, clear and concise installation guides, and explain the UL published FHIT.28A (unshielded) & FHIT.28B (shielded) guidelines in the simplest terms. We’re available for hands-on technical support, on-site training by way of educational / lunch & learn seminars, and we’re pretty good at hosting webinars geared towards larger national or remote-based audiences.

But what about the design plans? You’ve done fire for years, but this may be the first time you’ve encountered a “certified hardware system”. Are the instructions from the manufacturer of the fire-alarm system devices clear? Have they taken the guesswork out of choosing a wire & cable manufacturer who’s not only been tested successfully with their devices, but also meets the stringent NFPA 70 & 72 code requirements?

Ask for specifications! And insist upon Radix Wire’s DuraLifeTM FPL Cables. We were the first to recertify under the current UL 2196 standard, and we’ve led the industry since with the most gauge sizes, widest product offering (shielded & unshielded products across the line), and the most certified hardware options and cable constructions.

As a contractor or integrator, insisting on specifications from the manufacturer of critical life and fire safety devices will ensure code compliance and a smoother, faster installation. As a manufacturer of fire-alarm control panels, monitoring devices, sprinkler systems, etc., invite us to present to you – if we haven’t already – better informing your product managers, fire sales engineering team, and national design group precisely how 72 years of wire and cable experience and well over 30 years of fire protection industry knowledge allows Radix Wire to remain a cut above.

Others strive to add to their line cards vying to compete; as THE industry leader in low-voltage 2-hour fire-resistive UL 2196 certified cables, we’re constantly enhancing our offering and have been from day one – which frees up more time to educate end users, installers, distributors, and systems manufacturers and integrators. We’re doing the work already; let us work for you!

Contact Eli, the CI Guy, to discuss spec positioning, and how Radix Wire’s DuraLifeTM FPL cables will work for your project too.