Radix Wire & Cable Leverages the Astounding Benefits of the Super J Product Line With All-New SRS-Super J Multi-Conductor Cable

Radix Wire & Cable is pleased to announce the addition of the SRS-SUPER J Multiconductor Cable to the SUPER J product line. The SRS-Super J Cable is the line’s first multiple conductor power and control cable, leveraging the astounding benefits of SUPER J for countless new applications.

Boasting the toughest silicone rubber compound on the market, SUPER J products offer abrasion resistance up to seven-times better than the competition. In addition to unmatched durability, SUPER J also features excellent cut-through properties, impressive flexibility, moisture and chemical resistance, and a thin-wall 200⁰ C wire design—all at a significantly lower price point!

“SUPER J is the next generation of silicone wire and cables,” says Radix Distribution Manager Peter Thurstone. “It’s the safest, strongest, and most cost-effective silicone wiring solution for high-temperature applications, and it’s making drastic improvements for our customers’ manufacturing processes. The addition of the SRS-SUPER J Cable will send shockwaves through the market.”

Radix has been the leader in high-temperature wire and cables since 1944 by specializing in designing and manufacturing products to meet the most challenging and severe environments. For silicone wire and cable with extreme durability and significant cost savings, remember to ask for SUPER J. To learn more about Radix Wire & Cable’s SUPER J plus other wire and cable options, visit radix-wire.com or contact salesinfo@radix-wire.com.

About Radix Wire

Founded in 1944 and based near Cleveland in Euclid, Ohio, Radix is the leading manufacturer of UL, CSA and factory‐rated electrical wire and cable for high performance, extreme temperature applications. The company’s product portfolio consists of unique wire and cable products with temperature ratings from 150°C to 1,000°C and voltage ratings from 300V to 40kV. Radix products are used by original equipment manufacturers in a variety of consumer, commercial, and industrial applications.