Radix Wire Adds High Volt Capability to the DuraBlend Product Line

UL 3946 High Volt DuraBlend is rated to 10KVAC at 200° C and is available in all standard circuit sizes.

Adding to the Radix DuraBlend family of products; a new high voltage ignition wire is now available for appliance applications. This new addition to the DuraBlend Family is capable of 10KVAC at 200° C and meets the UL3946 standard.

DuraBlend is a unique product designed to eliminate traditional fiberglass braided silicone performance and handling deficiencies. Fiberglass braid presents problems including: lacquer peeling, color fade, braid fray, smoke and dermatitis. DuraBlend, with its unique multi-layer construction puts the fiberglass braid inside two layers of high performance silicone rubber eliminating all of these complaints. Additionally, the tough, outer silicone jacket vastly outperforms fiberglass braided products in standardized abrasion tests while providing a VW-1, vertical flame rating