Radix Recognized with Industry Innovators Awards

Radix Wire & Cable is honored to announce it received two 2020 innovators awards from Cabling Installation & Maintenance for its industry-leading fire-resistant wire and cable offerings. Radix was named a Platinum Innovator for the DuraLife II Two Hour Fire Rated CI/CIC cable system with Champion Fiberglass’ phenolic conduit, and a Gold Innovator for the DuraLife II Dual Rated CI/CIC FPLR Multiconductor Fire Rated Cable.

Innovators Platinum Award

The DuraLife Fire Rated CI/CIC cable is the first-ever two-hour fire rated system approved for installation in phenolic conduit. This new, non-metallic conduit hardware addition makes pathway survivability of emergency circuits possible in the challenging environments of transit and subway applications, underground facilities and other damp locations, while providing a lightweight, corrosion-resistant mechanical protection that meets the UL2196 two-hour fire-rated test. “The Radix engineering team led the way in this product’s development,” said Radix Engineering Director Dean Moore. “We used our knowledge of high-temperature silicone compounds and experience developing other fire resistant cables to create this important solution,” he added.

The Fire Rated CI/CIC cable was developed in collaboration with Champion Fiberglass, which produces the Flame Shield XW Phenolic. “The end product gives contractors an attractive option for project critical circuits in transit and underground applications,” said Scott Patchan of Champion Fiberglass.”

The Gold Innovator recognition was awarded to Radix’s DuraLife II Dual Rated CI/CIC Multiconductor fire rated cable. “This product solution provides a new option to how circuit integrity cables are installed,” explained Danielle Purewal, Radix Fire Protection Business Manager. Over the last 20 years, traditional pathway survivability cable options have been limited to one-pair constructions while modern fire alarm and area of refuge systems require several cable pairs in their design. DuraLife Multiconductor is constructed in jacketed 2, 3 and 4 pair configurations. “Contractors can now easily install one cable instead of wrangling with multiple 1-pair cables, resulting in a more orderly installation with less cost, labor and space” added Purewal.

Radix Wire & Cable is a Cleveland, OH based manufacturer of high-temperature wire and cable for extreme environments. The company has provided innovative solutions for more than 75 years and specializes in designing and manufacturing products to meet industry, product and manufacturing needs in temperatures ranging from 150 to over 1,000 degrees Celsius. You can learn more about Radix Wire & Cable at radix-wire.com.

You can learn more about the Cabling Installation & Maintenance Innovators Awards at cablinginstall.com/innovators.