Radix Announces New DuraLife II Dual-Rated CI/CIC Ethernet Cables

Radix Wire & Cable is pleased to announce the addition of the DuraLife II Dual Rated CIC /CI Ethernet FPLR cables to the Fire Protection product line. Certified to the harsh requirements of the UL 2196 Test for Fire Resistive Cables, the new DuraLife Ethernet cables ensure two-hour operation of critical data and communication systems in the event of a fire. The dual rating design offers the most versatility in meeting code survivability requirements in both in-conduit and free air installation scenarios while meeting Category-3 channel requirements per TIA-568.C.2.  Cables are available in 2, 3 and 4 pair shielded and non-shielded constructions.

“The Radix team is proud to add this latest solution to the most comprehensive package of fire rated fire alarm cables in the industry,” says Radix DuraLife Business Unit Manager, Danielle Purewal. “Built for critical circuits such as Area of Refuge and Emergency VoIP communication systems, the Ethernet Cat-3 product line is ideal for pathway survivability requirements in hospitals, high rise buildings, stadiums, college campuses and government facilities.”

Radix is the leading authority on two-hour fire rated cables, offering award-winning products, including the only UL 2196 certified Circuit Integrity FPLP Free Air cable and the broadest line of FPLR Multi-conductor cables for the industry’s most complete package of two-hour fire certified fire resistive cables.

In 2014, Radix was the first company to receive flexible, silicone-insulated cable UL 2196 re-certification after UL changed the standard in 2012. Radix continues as the industry’s innovation leader with products that satisfy the most demanding applications for circuit integrity.

For more information on cable options, visit our website at radix-wire.com or register for our next webinar on February 26.