Radix Achieves Another Industry-First Survivable Cable Solution with Phenolic Conduit

Euclid, Ohio, January 29, 2020 – Radix Wire & Cable is pleased to announce the addition of Champion Flame Shield XW phenolic conduit as a hardware option for  DuraLife® circuit integrity cable systems. Passing UL 2196, the most stringent fire protection test in the industry, DuraLife®II is the only Circuit Integrity Cable for Fire Alarm Systems approved for installation in phenolic conduit.

According to Radix DuraLife® Business Unit Manager Danielle Braley-Purewal, the approval of phenolic conduit fills a void in the transit and infrastructure markets.

“Phenolic conduit is ideal for the transit and infrastructure markets, which includes subways, tunnels, below grade, damp and enclosed areas. Unlike metallic conduit, phenolic will not rust, corrode, or conduct electricity, making it the obvious choice for these rugged environments. When paired with DuraLife® circuit integrity cable, zero-smoke, zero-halogen phenolic offers the best cable protection in the industry, keeping these environments safe and secure for travelers.”

Radix is the leading authority on UL 2196 compliant circuit systems, offering the only UL 2196 certified plenum rated FPLP Circuit Integrity cable and FPLR multi-conductor cables for the industry’s most complete package 2-hour fire certified fire resistive cables.

In 2014, Radix was the first company to receive flexible, silicone-insulated cable UL 2196 re-certification after UL changed the standard in 2012. Radix continues to be the industry’s innovation leader with products that satisfy the most demanding applications for circuit integrity.

For more information on phenolic options, visit our DuraLife Approved Hardware page.