PRESS RELEASE: Radix Announces new DuraLife II Dual-Rated FPLR CI/CIC Cable

EUCLID, OH – Radix is excited to announce the achievement of its latest UL 2196 certification listing for its ever-growing DuraLife® 2-Hour Fire Resistive Cable family. The new DuraLife II Dual-Rated FPLR CI/CIC Cable can be installed in “Free-Air” or in conduit, offering greater flexibility to meet mandatory pathway survivability requirements for critical emergency circuits.

Radix DuraLife Business Unit Manager, Danielle Braley-Purewal, says:

“Designed to protect lives and property under harsh fire conditions, our latest innovation in two hour fire rated cables offers the most versatile solution to address the complexities of critical circuit installation scenarios depending on application, jurisdiction and code requirements. At Radix, we are very passionate about developing products that provide superior performance, quality and value and being the most comprehensive CI/CIC product available, DuraLife II accomplishes that.”

In addition to being the most versatile circuit integrity cable option available, the DuraLife II cables offer the following advantages:

  • The BEST 18 AWG conduit fill and vertical distance available in the industry – perfect for Area of Refuge needs!
  • The MOST splice allowances approved per junction box
  • The LOWEST capacitance UL 2196 cable available to meet system performance requirements

Radix also offers the only UL 2196 certified plenum rated FPLP Circuit Integrity cable and FPL-CIC 16/4 multi-conductor cables for the industry’s most complete package 2-hour fire certified fire resistive cables.

In 2014, Radix was the first company to receive flexible, silicone-insulated cable UL 2196 recertification after UL changed the standard in 2012. Radix continues to be the Industry’s innovation leader with products that satisfy the most demanding applications for circuit integrity.

All Radix DuraLife® cables are UL 2196 Certified, ULC-S139 Compliant / UL 1424 listed.

About Radix Wire

Founded in 1944 and based near Cleveland in Euclid, Ohio, Radix is the leading manufacturer of UL, CSA and factory‐rated electrical wire and cable for high performance, extreme temperature applications. The company’s product portfolio consists of unique wire and cable products with temperature ratings from 150°C to 1,000°C and voltage ratings from 300V to 40kV. Radix products are used by original equipment manufacturers in a variety of consumer, commercial, and industrial products plus a wide range of end‐user markets.

For more information, contact:

Danielle Braley-Purewal
Fire Protection Business Unit Manager