NEW DuraLife® FPL Certified Hardware and Components Data Sheet

Radix Wire’s DuraLifeTM FPL Cables are part of a complete electrical circuit integrity system tested and certified compliant under the UL 2196 standard for fire-resistive cables. Circuit Integrity reliability in a fire event depends not only on our superior 2-Hour Fire-Rated cables, but the usage of certified hardware components and materials as well.

Once we’ve successfully tested our cables with a hardware component, enhancing our industry-leading product offering, it then becomes part of our System (FHIT.28A unshielded; FHIT.28B shielded) and must be utilized during installation in order to remain code compliant, pass the electrical inspection with the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), and for you to get paid.

Please contact us today for a brand-new DuraLifeTM FPL Certified Hardware and Components data sheet complete with material descriptions, manufacturers’ part numbers, and contact information.

As always, for more information on DuraLifeTM FPL UL 2196-certified electrical circuit integrity systems, or to discuss the scope of your project, please feel free to contact Radix Wire.

Eli, the CI Guy
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