Hands-On Sales and Technical Support

Your job is hard enough planning and designing a critical life-safety system, pricing and procuring materials, and coordinating your efforts with fire alarm integrators, electrical contractors, and fire protection engineers. When your project requires 2-hour pathway survivability, not only do Radix Wire’s DuraLifeTM FPL cables meet and exceed the NFPA 72: National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code mandatory fire alarm survivability circuit requirements, additionally we offer hands-on product presentations, in-depth training, and sales / technical support.

Are you bidding a fire alarm system in a structure that is 75 feet or taller or houses 1,000 occupants or more? DuraLifeTM FPL cables are available in unshielded and shielded constructions, with more gauge-size options than ever before, and the absolute best EMT fill listings in the industry! Contact us today for a quote on the lowest-cost UL 2196 solution available. Lead times are excellent, by the way. Call for details.

Are you a fire-alarm systems integrator, contractor, or fire protection engineer scouring recent revisions to the National Fire Protection Code, trying to make sense of “pathway survivability”? Which option is the least expensive and has the most installation options making your project easier to complete? Our team has more than 30 years of real-world experience from sales to customer service to product management and expert engineers. We have the answers, and we’re available to not only discuss the scope of your application with you by phone, we’ll also meet with your team to learn more about your application and help you move forward. For larger groups, we offer lunch and learn seminars and PowerPoint presentations.

Struggling with design approval, navigating the National Electric Code as it pertains to fire alarm circuit integrity, or communicating with the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ)? We can solve all of those issues too!

Contact Eli, your CI Guy, at emike@radix-wire.com or at 216-400-6719 for more information and to discuss your needs today!