The Plenum Advantage

DuraLife 2-Hour Fire Rated FPLP is the industry’s ONLY UL2196 certified plenum rated Free Air cable designed to provide protection to critical circuits and ensure pathway survivability when under duress of fire. Click here to read more about the Plenum Advantage.  

The DuraLife® Difference

DuraLife® is the most recognized brand of low voltage (300V) circuit integrity cable products qualified to UL 2196 2HR Fire Rated Test for Fire Resistive Cables. Learn why more customers choose Radix here.

The Integrity of Circuit Integrity Cables: LU is Not UL

The many international, national and industry specific regulations governing building life safety requirements are as varied as the countries that enforce them. With that, each regional code body develops specific test standards that are applicable to the criteria relevant to their need. For critical emergency circuits in the US, the National Electrical Code (NEC) defines … Read more

New Products, People, and Programs

Changes further the development, depth and dedication the company built in its first 75 years Euclid, Oh., August 6, 2019 – Radix Wire and Cable products have been used to power your household range and industrial equipment – and to help save lives in high-rise buildings. As Radix Wire and Cable celebrates its 75th year … Read more

DuraLife FPLP-CI Wins 2018 CSE Product of the Year Silver Award

Radix Wire is honored to announce that the readers of Consulting-Specifying Engineer (CSE) have selected DuraLife® FPLP-CI Free Air, Plenum Rated Cable as one of the best new products of 2018. DuraLife FPLP-CI earned the silver award in the Fire, Life Safety, Mass Notification category. Consulting-Specifying Engineer’s Product of the Year award is an annual reader’s choice … Read more

PRESS RELEASE: Radix Announces new DuraLife II Dual-Rated FPLR CI/CIC Cable

EUCLID, OH – Radix is excited to announce the achievement of its latest UL 2196 certification listing for its ever-growing DuraLife® 2-Hour Fire Resistive Cable family. The new DuraLife II Dual-Rated FPLR CI/CIC Cable can be installed in “Free-Air” or in conduit, offering greater flexibility to meet mandatory pathway survivability requirements for critical emergency circuits. Radix DuraLife Business … Read more

Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2018 Product of the Year Finalist

Radix Wire is proud to announce that our DuraLife® FPLP-CI Fire Alarm Cable has been selected as a 2018 Product of the Year finalist for Consulting-Specifying Engineer in the Fire, Life Safety, Mass Notification category. Certified to the stringent UL-2196 test criteria, DuraLife® FPLP cables are a cost effective, easy to install method to achieve mandatory pathway survivability in … Read more

Circuit Integrity Solutions for NFPA 502

This week we will be exploring some of the uses of circuit integrity solutions for use in accordance with NFPA 502: Standard for Road Tunnels, Bridges, and Other Limited Access Highways. According to section 12.1.2 in the new 2017 edition, emergency circuits installed in a road tunnel shall remain functional for a period of one … Read more

Circuit Integrity Solutions for Critical Operations Facilities (COPS)

This week we will be exploring some of the uses of circuit integrity solutions for critical operations facilities (COPS). The electrical installation requirements for these facilities are covered in Article 708 of the National Electrical Code. The Article covers all aspects of electrical installation requirements for these facility types, but the section that pertains to … Read more

Wheatland FasTrak ® Plus Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT)

Last week we began a three-part series covering some of the most commonly asked questions we encounter in the field regarding our electrical circuit integrity systems. DuraLife-W (wet-rated) and DuraLife FPL (dry-rated) (dry-rated) 2-hour fire-resistive cables are UL 2196 certified and they meet the pathway survivability circuit requirements found in the NFPA 72. However, as indicated in last week’s … Read more

Compression Couplings or Set-screw Fittings?

While meeting with electrical contractors and fire-alarm vendors during my travels, great discussion surrounds electrical circuit integrity systems and meeting and maintaining UL 2196 & NFPA 72 code compliance. Radix Wire’s DuraLife 2-Hour fire-resistive cables are certified for 2-hour circuit integrity, which means they meet the pathway survivability circuit requirements in the NFPA 72, but the hardware … Read more

Radix Wire Adds 16 AWG 4 Conductor Unshielded Cable to UL 2196 DuraLife FPL Family

October 2016, Euclid, Ohio – Radix is pleased to announce the arrival of its latest Underwriters Laboratories UL 2196 certification listing for its growing DuraLife® FPL family. The new DuraLife FPL 16 AWG cable features four Oxygen-Free Bare Copper (OFHC) conductors insulated with black and red, ceramifiable silicone rubber protected by a low smoke zero halogen FRPE red … Read more

Spec Positioning

As a fire-alarm systems integrator or electrical contractor, even with years of experience in the field, understanding newly-certified 2-hour fire-rated electrical circuit integrity systems can be challenging. Frankly, Radix Wire understands. We are relentless in our efforts to simplify the installation process; we provide user-friendly data sheets, clear and concise installation guides, and explain the … Read more

Areas of Refuge; Two-Way Communication Devices

“Areas of Refuge” or “Areas of Rescue Assistance” are designated locations in a building that act as shelters from danger or distress to occupants who are unable to traverse the stairs without assistance. Individuals may assemble in such a location awaiting assistance or instructions from first responders. Requirements for these areas are addressed by multiple … Read more

Hands-On Sales and Technical Support

Your job is hard enough planning and designing a critical life-safety system, pricing and procuring materials, and coordinating your efforts with fire alarm integrators, electrical contractors, and fire protection engineers. When your project requires 2-hour pathway survivability, not only do Radix Wire’s DuraLifeTM FPL cables meet and exceed the NFPA 72: National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code mandatory … Read more

Pathway Survivability – Part 2

Previously, we discussed the National Fire Protection Code (NFPA 72) fire alarm survivability circuit requirements. As a fire-alarm system integrator or electrical contractor, when installing a life-safety system in a building that is 75 feet or taller or houses 1,000 occupants or more, in order to remain code compliant you must satisfy this mandatory specification. However, … Read more

Retrofit Life-Safety Systems

As an integrator or electrical contractor bidding on a contract for a fire-alarm system in an existing structure, for instance a commercial or residential high-rise building, Radix Wire’s DuraLifeTM FPL cables are the ideal solution for meeting the mandatory fire alarm survivability circuit requirements in the National Fire Protection Code (NFPA 72). There are multiple ways to satisfy … Read more

NFPA 130 – Standard for Fixed Guideway Transit and Passenger Rail Systems

The National Fire Protection Code, NFPA 130, specifies fire-protection and life-safety requirements for underground, surface, and elevated fixed guideway transit and passenger rail systems, including stations, train ways, emergency ventilation systems, and communications and control systems. The wire and cable requirements in chapter 12 state that fire-resistive cables shall be certified or listed as having … Read more

Advantages of High EMT Fill Rates

Radix Wire’s DuraLife FPL Cables are ideal for vertical-riser applications in commercial and residential buildings. Our industry leading fire-resistive cables are not only the lowest-cost UL 2196 solution available, they’re also the most flexible and easy to install. What truly distinguishes our electrical circuit integrity system from all others though, are our incredible EMT fill rates. Under … Read more

Advantages of Flexible Silicone-Insulated UL 2196 Certified Fire Alarm Cables

For many years there was no choice – when your project required a 2-hour rated UL 2196 certified fire-resistive cable, mineral insulated cables were the only product available. Today, there is a much better solution! Radix Wire’s DuraLife FPL Cables feature a low-smoke, zero halogen FRPE (fire-resistant polyethylene) outer jacket, and oxygen-free bare copper conductors surrounded by … Read more

Communicating With the AHJ

In order to remain UL 2196 / ULC-S139 (fire only) compliant when installing Radix Wire’s DuraLifeTM FPL Cables in an electrical circuit integrity system, contractors and system designers must abide by the UL-published System No. 28A (FHIT.28A) and System No. 28B (FHIT.28B). Certified hardware components must be utilized and system guidelines and limitations should be closely followed. But … Read more

Critical Life-Safety Systems

Let’s talk about critical life-safety systems. When fire breaks out in a high-rise, occupants and first responders rely on the building’s Emergency Communication System (ECS) and fire alarms for fast evacuation and instant firefighting information. The safety of the occupants is the top priority for first responders, and Radix Wire’s DuraLifeTM FPL UL 2196 certified 2-hour rated circuit … Read more