Areas of Refuge; Two-Way Communication Devices

“Areas of Refuge” or “Areas of Rescue Assistance” are designated locations in a building that act as shelters from danger or distress to occupants who are unable to traverse the stairs without assistance. Individuals may assemble in such a location awaiting assistance or instructions from first responders.

Requirements for these areas are addressed by multiple codes and standards including the International Building Code (IBC), NFPA 72 (National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code), NFPA 101 (Life Safety Code), and ADA Standards for Accessible Design. For instance, NFPA 72 Chapter requires the area of refuge station to provide for hands-free, two-way communication with audible and visible signals to indicate communication has occurred. The receiver must also indicate the location sending the signal. The ADA Standards for Accessible Design Chapter 708.2 requires audible and visible indicators for two-way communication systems.

Radix Wire’s DuraLifeTM FPL cables not only meet the applicable NFPA 72 code requirements for this application, we’re also the only manufacturer with an 18AWG 2-hour fire-rated UL 2196 cable system with conductors small enough for the tiny connections necessary inside of the receiver or central control point. This is a tremendous advantage allowing for an easier installation, and more importantly code compliance!

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