Advantages of High EMT Fill Rates

Radix Wire’s DuraLife FPL Cables are ideal for vertical-riser applications in commercial and residential buildings. Our industry leading fire-resistive cables are not only the lowest-cost UL 2196 solution available, they’re also the most flexible and easy to install. What truly distinguishes our electrical circuit integrity system from all others though, are our incredible EMT fill rates.

Under the stringent UL 2196 standard, we’ve achieved the greatest number of certifications and fill listings with allowances of up to ten cables in a single EMT conduit. This is for our 16AWG product. When the job calls for our 14AWG DuraLife FPL Cables, installers can run up to eight cables in a single EMT saving time, money, and valuable space. No one else comes even close! Other manufacturer’s limited certifications would require you to install up to four times the number of conduits to run those same eight cables.

Remember, if you’re involved with the design or installation of a critical life safety / fire alarm system, and your structure is 75 feet or taller or houses 1,000 occupants or more, you need a UL 2196 certified 2-hour rated fire-resistive cable. Why not choose DuraLife FPL Cables the least expensive, easiest to install, most flexible system on the market today?

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