Advantages of Flexible Silicone-Insulated UL 2196 Certified Fire Alarm Cables

For many years there was no choice – when your project required a 2-hour rated UL 2196 certified fire-resistive cable, mineral insulated cables were the only product available. Today, there is a much better solution!

Radix Wire’s DuraLife FPL Cables feature a low-smoke, zero halogen FRPE (fire-resistant polyethylene) outer jacket, and oxygen-free bare copper conductors surrounded by proprietary ceramifiable silicone-rubber insulation. In a fire, the outer jacket burns to ash; the inner liner ceramfies protecting the conductors and the electrical circuit integrity – for two hours or more!

This construction is extremely flexible. That translates to simple, seamless installations. There are no special tools required, no extensive training classes need be attended by you and your staff, and the cost to procure DuraLife FPL Cables – not to mention the overall total install cost – is much lower than any other UL 2196 certified solution available!

For even more advantages, and reasons to choose a silicone-insulated 2-hour rated fire resistive cable such as DuraLife FPL Cables, here’s a great article written by C. Meyman, published via EzineArticles on August 27, 2014:

Advantages of Silicone Fire Alarm Cable for High Temperature Applications

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