DuraLife® II Dual Rated CIC/CI

DuraLife® RHH Two-Hour

Fire-Rated Power Cables


  • Fire Pumps
  • Emergency Generators
  • Ventilating Fans
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Emergency Elevators
  • High Rise Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Places of Mass Assembly


  • Certified to UL2196 standards for two-hour fire-resistive cables
  • FHIT 28E Electrical Circuit Integrity System of the UL Fire Resistive Directory
  • Listed to UL44 Thermoset Insulated Wire & Cables as Type RHH
  • Meets NFPA 70 Articles 517, 695, 700, 708 & 660
  • Meets NFPA 130 and 502 with AHJ approval


  • Certified to the harsh requirements of the UL 2196 Test for Fire Resistive Cables, DuraLife® RHH is a 600V two-hour fire-rated cable designed to provide an easy-to-install, cost effective means of protecting critical emergency systems when under fire conditions. DuraLife® RHH meets the code requirements for circuit survivability.
  • Description: The only full-range product on the market, 14 AWG through 500 MCM two-hour UL 2196 rated in both vertical and horizontal configurations, EMT and Champion Flame Shield Phenolic Conduit Type XW, Low Smoke, Zero Halogen (LSZH)


  • The most comprehensive and versatile two-hour fire-rated solution for 600V power applications
    • Installs in EMT or phenolic conduit
    • Full range of constructions 14 AWG through 500 MCM
    • Two-Hour Certified for both vertical and horizontal installations
    • Certification includes ancillary components
  • Economic alternative to both MI and MC options
    • Easy to install – no special tools or procedures required
    • Long length availability eliminates need for splice
    • Readily available


DuraLife® RHH Two-Hour

Fire-Rated Power Cables

Download DuraLife® RHH Two-Hour Specs

Radix DuraLife® Power CablesHorizontal / Vertical Installation – EMT RacewayHorizontal Installation – Champion Flame Shield Phenolic Conduit Type XWVertical Installation – Champion Flame Shield Phenolic Conduit Type XW
DuraLife Part NumberConductor SizeConductor StrandsOverall DiameterInsulation System thicknessApprox. Weight (lbs)Ampacity 90°C (amps)Number of ConductorsNumber of ConductorsNumber of Conductors
1 to 41 to 41 to 4
RH14A00714 awg7.195″45 Mil2915**1″1″1″
RH12A00712 awg7.220″45 Mil3820**1 1/4″1 1/4″1″
RH10A00710 awg7.250″45 Mil5430**1 1/4″1 1/4″1″
RH08A0078 awg7.310″60 Mil84551 1/4″1 1/4″1″
RH06A0076 awg7.380″75 Mil131751 1/2″1 1/2″1 1/4″
RH04A0074 awg7.420″75 Mil186952″2″1 1/4″
RH03A0073 awg7.450″75 Mil2251102″2 1/2″1 1/4″
RH02A0072 awg7.480″75 Mil2701302″2 1/2″1 1/2″
RH01A0191 awg19.560″100 mil3651502 1/2″2 1/2″2 1/2″
RHX1A0191/019.600″100 Mil4431702 1/2″2 1/2″2 1/2″
RHX2A0192/019.650″100 Mil5371952 1/2″2 1/2″2 1/2″
RHX3A0193/019.700″100 Mil6582253″3″3″
RHX4A0194/019.760″100 Mil8062603″3″3″
RH250A037250 mcm37.865″130 Mil9912903 1/2″3″3″
RH300A037300 mcm37.920″130 Mil11653504″3 1/2″3 1/2″
RH350A037350 mcm37.970″130 Mil13064304″3 1/2″3 1/2″
RH400A037400 mcm371.020″130 Mil16724754″4″4″
RH500A037500 mcm371.105″130 Mil18255354″4″4″

Must follow UL Electrical Circuit Protective System (FHIT) #28E and all provisions of the National Electrical Code (NFPA 70).
** see National Electrical Code (NFPA 70) section 240-3.

Ampacity based on three current carrying conductors in a conduit and a 30°C (88°F) ambient temperature.