DuraLife® FPL Cables FAQ

This is a short list of our most frequently ask questions regarding DuraLife® FPL Cables. For more information, please contact us at 1.216.731.9191 or submit a contact form.

Q: Is DuraLife a CI cable?

A: No, it’s an Electrical “Circuit Integrity System” (CIS).

Q: What are CI cables?

A: CI cables are tested without conduit and are tested to the UL 2196 testing protocol.

Q: How do you decide whether to use a Shielded or Unshielded cable?

A: First, projects typically specify either a Shielded or Unshielded construction; and, Radix would recommend that the contractor use the specified cable construction. In the event that either a Shielded or Unshielded cable construction can be used, Unshielded cables typically have a lower total installed cost. In addition, the Shielded cable requires an additional installation step to ensure that the system does not ground out and result in a loss of fire alarm functionality. If the Shield is not appropriately handled, the loss of functionality may occur at installation or may occur post-installation as the system and cabling settles over time.

Q: Can I use any conduit for installation of DuraLife Cable?

A: No, you must use Wheatland EMT conduit only.

Q: How many twist per ft. is DuraLife cables?

A: DuraLife Cables are manufactured with 3 twist per ft.

Q: Can DuraLife cables be used in WET locations?

A: Yes, although our initial offering was damp and dry locations only, we have now achieved our WET rating for all shielded cables.

Q: Is DuraLife a "FPLR CIC Solution?"

A: If the system is UL 2196 and installed in the conduit, then per the NEC standard it is automatically FPLR rated.

Q: Where can I buy DuraLife Cables?

A: DuraLife cables are sold through our Electrical Distribution Partners.

Q: What is the UL FHIT number for DuraLife Cables?

A: We are on the UL website online certification directory under FHIT 28A, 28B, & 28C.

Q: Can you put non DuraLife cables in the same conduit as DuraLife Cables?

A: No, only DuraLife cables can be in the conduit, no other non DuraLife cables are allowed in the conduit.

Q: Is DuraLife Cables approved in New York City?

A: Yes , the NYC Electrical Advisory Board number is # 52841

Q: Do you have any information for ordering the correct components for the conduit, pull box, and splice for DuraLife?

A: Yes, we can provide you with a detailed component sheet for your use.

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