• Powering Lives

    for 75 Years

  • Even if you don't see it, Radix is an everyday part of people's
    lives - and we have been for 75 years.

    Powering products.
    Powering equipment.
    Powering safety.

  • But what powers us?

    Development. Depth. Dedication.

Developing the Next Innovation

We were the first to certify silicone fire alarm cable to UL 2196 and the first to comply with UL 858. But we’re not stopping there. In fact, 20% of our revenue now comes from products introduced in the last three years.

Depth of Knowledge

We don’t carry all types of wire and cable, just products designed specifically for harsh environments. That’s all we do. So, we’re experts in your applications and the technology and materials required for them. That’s how we’re able to bring you the most reliable, highest-quality products. It’s how we’ve solved “impossible” challenges, like creating FPLP cable. And it’s how we’ll continue to solve your application challenges in the future.

Dedication to Customers

Our team personally works with every customer to find the best solutions for you – no matter how big or small your business. We go the extra mile for you, whether you need technical expertise or a quick quote. It’s that combination of being big enough to have what you need and small enough to care that has kept customers coming back for 75 years.

We’ve been here for 75 years, but we’re just getting started.
Finding new ways to innovate our products and materials and make it even easier to power extreme environments.

Because we’re focused on extreme environments - and we’re focused on you.
And that’s a powerful combination.