UL 2196 System Requirements

Radix's DuraLife® Cable is part of a complete system which was tested and certified compliant under UL 2196. Fire resistive cable system reliability in fire condtions depends on strict adherance to correct system design, installation and use of approved components/materials.

DuraLife® cables must be installed in one of the following:

  • Wheatland/Western EMT tubing
  • Wheatland/Western IMC conduit
  • Allied/Columbia EMT tubing
  • Allied/Columbia IMC conduit
  • Champion Fiberglass Phenolic Conduit (DuraLife II FHIT/FHITC 28.C Only)

Additional UL 2196 Certified System Components include:

  • EMT:
    • Hubbell/Raco Compression Fittings
    • Hubbell/Raco Set-Screw Fittings/Couplers
    • Halex Compression Couplings
    • Bridgeport Expansion Couplers (DuraLife II FHIT/FHITC 28.C Only)
  • IMC:
    • Hubbell/Raco Compression Fittings /Couplers
    • Bridgeport Expansion Couplers (DuraLife II FHIT/FHITC 28.C Only)
  • Eaton/Cooper B-Line NEMA 1 Enclosure
  • Polywater LZ Lubricant

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