DuraLife FPLP-CI Free-Air UL 2196 Cables

DuraLife Approved Hardware

Revolutionary Phenolic Conduit Now Approved for use with DuraLife Cables

Radix Wire & Cable is now offering Champion Flame Shield XW phenolic conduit as a hardware option for DuraLife® circuit integrity cable systems. Passing UL 2196, the most stringent fire protection test in the industry, DuraLife® II is the only Circuit Integrity Cable for Fire Alarm Systems approved for installation in phenolic conduit.

Features and Benefits:

  • Ideal for subways, tunnels, below grade, damp or enclosed areas
  • Non-metallic – will not rust, corrode or conduct electricity
  • Does not emit toxic halogens when burning
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion requiring fewer expansion joints
  • Wide resistance to industrial chemicals
  • Withstands extreme conditions and temperatures
  • One of the lowest coefficients of friction of any in-market product
  • Will not melt or weld the wire to the inside of the conduit under fault conditions

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