Radix Fills the EMT Gap

Posted Mar 13, 2018

Allied E-Z Pull and Columbia MBF conduit brands are now UL 2196 certified for use with Radix Wire’s DuraLife® FPL and DuraLife® FPLR 2-hour fire resistive cables.

With these additional hardware certifications, DuraLife offers the most options for contractors and integrators to meet mandatory pathway survivability requirements for critical emergency circuits: Free-Air FPLP Circuit Integrity, FPL-CIC and Dual Rated FPLR CIC/CI, shielded and unshielded, and multi-conductor constructions.

DuraLife® cables are designed to meet mandatory pathway survivability requirements in high-rises, hospitals, government buildings, transit and tunnels, and other critical facilities.


• UL Certified to UL 2196 or CAN/ULC-S139 2-hour fire rating in FHIT & FHIT7 Systems 28A, 28B, and 28C.
• Meets National Fire Protection Code (NFPA 70 & 72)
• 300V, 105°C Classified (90°C for DuraLife-W Cables)
• Proprietary Ceramifiable Silicone Rubber Insulation
• Low Smoke / Zero Halogen
• 16 AWG - 14 AWG - 12 AWG 2-Conductor Unshielded and 16 AWG 4-Conductor Unshielded (FHIT.28A)
• 18 AWG - 16 AWG - 14 AWG 2-Conductor Shielded (FHIT.28B)
• 18 AWG - 16 AWG - 14 AWG - 12 AWG 2-Conductor Unshielded (FHIT.28C)
• Up to 10 Cables in a single raceway

For the most recent list of DuraLife Certified Hardware and Components or how DuraLife cables will work for your next project, please contact a Sales Representative at (877) 722-5444 or info@radix-wire.com


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