DuraLife FPL and FPLP-CI Free-Air UL 2196 Cables

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DuraLife fire resistive cables are UL 2196 certified to meet mandatory pathway survivability requirements for 2-hour fire alarm electrical circuit integrity. DuraLife cables will maintain circuit integrity for two hours during an intense building fire followed by exposure to a water blast from a hose stream for conduit installed cables or a fog-mist stream for non-conduit cable.

DuraLife® FPLP-CI Free Air Cables

Radix's DuraLife FPLP-CI is the first plenum rated, free air, UL 2196 2-hour certified fire resistive cable (patent pending). DuraLife FPLP-CI cables meet the same mandatory pathway surviability requirements of CIC cables without the cost and labor installation.

  • Meets National Fire Protection Code (NFPA 72)
  • UL 2196 Certified, UL 1424 Listed
  • 300V, 75°C Classified
  • Low Smoke PVC with proprietary fire installation system
  • 18 AWG - 12 AWG Unshielded
  • Available in 1,000' and 5,000' Standard Length Reels
  • Patent Pending

DuraLife® FPL Cables

Radix's DuraLife FPL was the first flexible silicone fire alarm cable recertified under UL 2196. Radix continues to lead this market by now offering shielded and unshielded constructions, the most sizes, and conductor options backed by the best in engineering support and customer service. DuraLife FPL offers many technical advantages over similar-styled cables, including:

  • Meets National Fire Protection Code (NFPA 70 & 72)
  • UL 2196 Certified, UL 1424 Listed
  • 300V, 105°C Classified (90°C for DuraLife-W Cables)
  • Proprietary Ceramifiable Silicone Rubber Insulation
  • Low Smoke / Zero Halogen
  • 18 AWG - 16 AWG - 14 AWG 2-Conductor Shielded (FHIT.28B)
  • 18 AWG 2-Conductor Unshielded (FHIT.28C)
  • 16 AWG - 14 AWG - 12 AWG 2-Conductor Unshielded (FHIT.28A)
  • 16 AWG 4-Conductor Unshielded
  • Circuit Integrity in Conduit (CIC)
  • Up to 10 Cables in a single raceway
  • Patented

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